No side effects shown in vulnerable youngsters who received Pfizer vaccine


BANGKOK (NNT) – In keeping with the government’s policy to vaccinate 4.5 million students nationwide aged 12 – 18 with Pfizer vaccines to prepare for the coming school reopening, Bangkok has already vaccinated over 2,000 vulnerable students with no side effects being recorded.

The government’s deputy spokesperson, Ratchada Thanadirek said today that Bangkok had reported the vaccination of vulnerable students in chronic disease groups, at Navamindradhiraj University hospital. The report revealed that 1,681 students have already received one dose of Pfizer and 614 have successfully received two doses and no side effects were found.

Meanwhile, there are still 3,000 more vulnerable students who have parental consent allowing them to receive Pfizer vaccine. Bangkok will procure the vaccine from the Ministry of Public Health for the benefit of the students as soon as possible.

On a wider scale, the Ministry of Education is tallying the number of students nationwide who have parental consent to receive Pfizer vaccine, so as to allocate the correct number of doses and establish a vaccination center for the schools. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health will be responsible for the vaccination of students who live outside the province where their school is located.

The deputy spokesperson also gave an assurance that the Pfizer vaccines provided for students aged 12 and above including vulnerable adults are certified by World Health Organization.

The public can have confidence in its quality and in the recipient’s safety. However, vaccination for people aged under 18 still requires parental consent.