Old car gets Discounts services to reduce air pollution

Photo: The Thaiger

To help reduce air pollution in Bangkok several car companies are offering discounts on maintenance services for old cars.

Automotive Industry Club Federation of Thai Industries organized a campaign launched known as the FTI.

Deals on car inspections, oil changes, will be going on from now until the end of February. This week the air pollutant PM2.5 has reached what’s considered “unhealthy” levels.

Air pollution in Bangkok is largely linked to crop burning in the North.

The Royal Thai Police have set up checkpoints to inspect vehicles for black smoke emissions.

For the campaign, the club’s privileged president Suparat Sirisuwanangkura says 7 car manufacturers are joining.

Discounts will be at 540 participating car service centers in the city.

We expect more than 480,000 vehicles to participate in the program. To be eligible cars should either have a diesel or petrol engine, must be over 7 years, and should have been registered within Bangkok.

Source: thethaiger.com