Orchestra on The Beach at Cha-Am


The Cha-Am Municipality invited an international orchestra from the Fine Arts Department of Thailand to provide a free musical performance on the beach on 16th August 2013. The opening  of the concert was performed by the Mayor of Cha-Am Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri.

Mr. Nukul said that the Cha-Am Municipality realised the importance of child and youth development and tried to promote all activities that enhanced the capacity of children to develop in every way. The orchestra on the beach aimed to encourage Thai children to love Thai music and raise the awareness of teachers and students about international music.

The Mayor added that the international orchestra of the Fine Arts Department was the best orchestra in Thailand and has a long historical background. Its members are professional in performing and singing many songs composed by His Majesty the King.  The event was one of many rare occasions in Cha-Am in where both children and adults were able to indulge in a top notch musical performance by a nationally recognised orchestra.   The venue of the event was also ideal for enjoying the performance.

The performance took place over two hours with over 600 Thai and foreigners in the audience thoroughly enjoying the music. Highlights included 18 songs composed by His Majesty the King and classical music from around the world. Students from the Cha-Am Municipal School were invited to sing with the orchestra.  A traditional Thai music band from the Fine Art Department was also asked to perform an alto xylophone solo with the orchestra as a grand finale.

“On behalf of the Cha-Am Municipality, I’m pleased to organise events and activities that give knowledge to both Thais and foreigners and make them happy.  The orchestra on the beach is one example,” concluded the Mayor of Cha-Am.