Order to tighten work permits for foreign teachers

(Image: thepinoylegacy.com)

Thai labour ministry had ordered the Department of Employment to be stricter in issuing work permits to foreign teachers who wishes to work in Thailand.

According to Bangkok Post, the order is part of the ministry’s stepped-up efforts against illegal foreign teachers who do not possess work permits. Public and private schools had been provided the procedures on how to apply for work permits for the teachers.

Currently, there are 6,129 foreign teachers working in 922 public and private schools across the country. They are:

  • Filipinos – 2,667
  • British – 588
  • Americans – 465
  • Chinese – 237
  • South Africans – 160

The rest of the teachers were from other countries, according to the department’s statistics.

Recently, eight foreign teachers were found not having a work permit. Three failed to inform the employment department of their employer, workplace and nature of work within the first 15 days of work.

In addition, 20 academic institutions faced charges for failing to register the names, nationalities and the work involved as a foreign teacher within the first 15 days of their employment, according to the Employment Registration and Job Seeker Protection Division.

The first requirement in applying for a work permit foreign teachers must have a non-immigrant visa, not a tourist or transit visa, and then followed by other standard procedures required by the Department of Education.

Violators will face a fine between 5,000 – 50,000 baht and deportation, said Suchat Pornchaiwiseskul, director-general of the department.

Schools or institutions hiring foreign teachers without a work permit will be fined between 10,000 – 100,000 baht each and could face jail terms.

Source: thepinoylegacy.com