Golf is the most popular participant sport in the world with an estimated 58 million people playing at least once a year.   Chinese, Scottish and even the Dutch claim that they have a right to call it their own.  Golf historians have not been able to decide the origin of golf decisively but the modern game of golf is attributed to the Scots and is now played in every populated continent.    With modern facilities, internationally designed golf courses, and an excellent infrastructure, Thailand has become a natural attraction for golfers.

Golf has been played in Thailand for 100 years now, with matches reported at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club as early as 1905. There are now about 260 Courses but many more on the drawing board. The first recognized 18-hole course, Royal Hua Hin, was built by a Scottish engineer in 1924 in the ‘aristocratic seaside resort of Hua Hin’.  The Region has come a long way since then with many award winning Courses of an international standard and the loyal patronage of both visiting and resident golfers.

Golf is enjoyed in Hua Hin & Cha – Am by individual travelers and residents those joining tour groups,  Members of Golf Courses and Golf Societies.  Additionally there are bars and restaurants which gather together groups on a less formal basis. If you want to play golf in the Region it shouldn’t be hard! Hua Hin & Cha –Am Today recognizes the importance of the game of golf to many of our reader! Commencing with this Issue we will be providing a renewed focus on golfing information. 

This will include reviews of Golf Courses and other golf service and lots of other information for residents and those new to the Region.  We will also provide some information on the Rules Of Golf and ways for you to improve the way you play the game. There will be an opportunity for you or your Club to publicize events and results as well as to seek answers or comment about your golfing experiences and questions.