Pena Group Public Company Limited is planning to transform Cha-Am’s main road to become the new ‘Western Gold Coast’ to attract tourists by investing over a billion Baht in its two new projects: a grand hotel at Santorini Park and Camel Republic opposite Santorini.

The Managing Director of Theme Plaza Development Company Limited and the Deputy Board Member of Pena Group Pubic Company Limited, Ms. Nasvera Tantichirasakul commented that the business direction of the Pena Group is emphasising tourism because it is one of the fastest growing businesses of the country. The company has reduced its production scale and manufacturing lines due to high labour cost and a limited workforce.  Additionally more Thai customers are buying goods and products made in China and Vietnam.

“This is the reason why we’re planning to focus our business on tourism in Thailand, namely product retailing at Premium Outlets in Phuket and Pattaya, and other new investments about tourism in the future. Principally, we are focusing on theme parks which have a big water park inside like Santorini Park in Cha-Am. The location may probably in Phuket or Khao Yai and this project should start in 2015 as we are continuously buying land in the two areas. The land is not far from the now available Premium Outlets owned by the Pena Group,” said Ms. Nasvera.

In terms of expanding investment in Cha-Am, this is to transform the main road making it similar to the Gold Coast in Australia.  Ms. Nasvera added that this will become a new tourist attraction for Thai and foreign visitors who wish to travel and do shopping in the City.

Besides a big amusement park, Santorini Park has recently launched “Santorini Water Fantasy”, a water park on a 20 Rai area.  With around 500 million Baht invested, the newly opened water park features 12 water play areas which can accommodate up to 3,500 people. It boasts Santorini Connects, the wireless on-line program that enables visitors to take pictures and post them on their Facebook immediately. This program is activated through a wristband given to all visitors upon entry to the water park.  Since October Santorini has introduced the American-style Haunted House and the 3D Trick Art Museum from South Korea. The two new entertainment innovations were brought here by Mr. Chalermchai Mahakitsiri from Four One One Entertainment Co. Ltd., a business partner of Santorini Park.

Santorini Four Star Hotel

The company is now planning to build a four-star hotel inside the water park. The hotel will feature 120 guestrooms.  The hotel will be managed by Ms. Nasvera’s sister Ms. Melda Tantichirasakul, a fresh graduate of hotel business management from overseas. With an investment of 300 million Baht, the hotel is to be open in the mid of 2015.  It will accommodate both family and business guests as well as up to 300 conference participants in a function room.

The Camel Republic

The Pena Group has also launched a new subsidiary, Pena Property Development Company Limited, which has invested in the Camel Republic Project, managed by Ms. Nasvera’s brother Mr. Pamorn Tantichirasakul.  The project includes a new zoo-cum-theme park in a Moroccan style. Located opposite Santorini Park, the Camel Republic as its name suggests, will have many human-friendly animals, particularly camels as well as machanised thrill machines.

“Investment of by the Pena Group in Cha-Am for new tourist attractions is valued at 2 billion Baht. The new projects are valued at around one billion Baht each.  They aim to boost tourism in Cha-Am and encourage visitors to stay longer,” said Ms. Nasvera.

According to Ms. Nasvera more tourists from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are coming to Thailand and visiting Cha-Am. Santorini Park enjoys a total of 500 million Baht profit per annum. It previously earned 200 million Baht annually.  Since its opening in December 2012, 2.5 million visitors have been to Santorini Park.  This is a higher number than previously estimated and indicates a more significant business growth than anticipated.