Phawin Sittiyanurux is the youthful owner of the Cha-Am Nissan franchise.  Khun Sam as his Western customers know him best didn’t really expect to find himself in this position until some 15 years ago when tragic family circumstances changed his future.

Khun Sam has always lived in Cha-Am with his father running the family business.  Sam then departed the country to study and live in the USA.  He attended the Illinois University but at that time his interests were more towards Design and the Arts rather business studies.

In fact establishing his own home and becoming really settled in the US, the signs were on the wall that his future may have been away from Thailand.  However a tragic accident took his father’s life and the future of the family business was at stake.  Khun Sam sold up, left his studies unfinished and returned to his home country.

He now has been running the Nissan business for the past 15 years and hasn’t looked back.  He described the early years as the hardest, in part because apart from his need to learn about managing the business quickly, the economic circumstances in Thailand at the time but additionally he was still completing his university qualification on line.

Now Khun Sam is a married man and the father of an eleven month old son.  His wife’s parents are living in her native Bangkok so the young family makes the trip there every weekend as a matter of course.  Continuing to support his wife’s family is a matter of priority that is managed without disruption to the business.  As an aside Khun Sam is also a frequent customer of the Aroy Restaurant in Cha-Am for a family dinner or dining with friends.

Just to add to Khun Sam’s time management requirements, he is currently building a small housing development project immediately behind the Nissan premises which will soon be on the market.  He says this has given him the opportunity to explore his design skills and provided this part of his talents with an outlet.

Another  aspect of design is the current refurbishment of the offices and showrooms with a new facia for the building.  A grand reopening is now being planned for around October/November and all the his Nissan customers can expect an invitation.

He really is a busy man but eager to point out that his business offers some extras that may be important to foreign customers.   Khun Sam says that before heading for the USA his English language skills were no existent but now he is able to offer easy conversation with Foreigners and eager that his staff is also able to converse.  Something like 40% of his customers are non-Thais and an important part of the business.  He also offers storage and maintenance for vehicles on site or making sure that vehicles left at premises while the owners are travelling are ready to roll for their return.

This is a busy young man but not too busy to spend time with Cha-Am Today.  He is a fine example of personal determination, attention to family priorities and dedication to success.

Thanks for your valuable time Khun Sam!