Einar Bråthe, the incoming Franchisee of KVIK Hua Hin

Einar Bråthe officially took over the KVIK showrooms in Hua Hin on 1st August 2013.  This affable Norwegian now manages five showroom staff as well as an installation crew at the Danish design kitchen business.  Kvik celebrated its official opening of our new showroom in Hua Hin on Wednesday 16th of February 2011.  Initially the showroom operated under the stewardship of the Kvik CEO Carsten Anderson as part of the Company’s expansion into Thailand.

Einar met Carsten some three years ago.  When the opportunity surfaced to become a real part of this business, it seemed like a perfect match.  Einar’s background is primarily in real estate, marketing , home building and renovation.  He also has qualifications in Business Administration.

As a major bonus, Einar has a keen personal interest in cooking, so he really feels at home in a showroom demonstrating all the latest in kitchen design.  All the ingredients for success and customer confidence are there.  He is able to offer insights into how a Kvik kitchen can make a big difference to any home, condo or apartment.  He can show his customers how to get the most of a new culinary experience in a very practical ‘hands on’ way.

His specialty when it comes to cooking?  Einar really enjoys the flavours and varieties of wild game meat.  His European background exposed him to meats such as venison, although Thailand may not provide too many opportunities to follow this passion.

Einar has been in Hua Hin for the past four years and in Thailand for over nine years.  He has a Thai wife who operates an advertising agency and a 2 and a half year old son.  Apart from Norwegian, Einar speaks a variety of other Scandinavian languages with a smattering of German and French.  He also recognises that the future of the business will not only include expat customers but also Thai people who are increasingly looking for a European style kitchen.  His Thai staff understands how traditional Thai cooking can be enhanced with the range of European appliances and design.

Kvik’s business is based on strong partnerships with franchisees.  We met Einar and Carsten Anderson at the Kvik showroom on the day of the handover to the new franchisee.  The handover was not a particularly formal or grand occasion, just a handshake and an easy conversation between friends.  The party is coming later.

Congratulations Einar, it seems that Kvik Hua Hin is in good hands and destined to continue to grow as an important part of kitchen design in Thailand.