People In Business


Hua Hin Today often meets many interesting business people in the community.  Not only big business but also smaller unheralded entrepreneurs of our commercial world.  They are often people with a tale to tell who we hope you will get to know better through this regular addition to Hua Hin Today!

In this edition we would like to introduce Khun Panit Boonyaratvej, General Manager of Veranda Resort and Spa Hua Hin/Cha-Am.

Cha-Am is a long way away from Panit’s childhood and early adult life spent in the United Kingdom.  Many years away from Thailand explains the English accent, in fact he commented on how he struggled a little with speaking his native Thai when first returning to live in Thailand.  However Thailand is his birth place and rumour has it that he was actually born in his father’s police car crossing the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok! Would Panit ever consider returning to live in the UK?  The answer is a very clear and resolute NO!  The relaxed Thai way of life offers much more for him and his family and perhaps England just wasn’t compatible with his bright and cheerful personality.

Panit confessed that his early ambitions were towards architecture as a career choice.  He was influenced by an architect neighbour who showed him mysterious blueprints and plans which he found captivating. However a vacation job in the hospitality industry soon changed that idea and lead to study and ongoing employment in this industry.  Nowadays he could not contemplate ‘nine to five’ or to being too office bound.  The hospitality industry offers him the opportunity to be versatile and to share his outgoing personality.

Panit has three adult sons still living in the UK but has a new family in Thailand, including a two year old daughter.  The family live away from the Resort in their home in Hua Hin.  We all need some personal time and space away from the work environment and Panit is no exception.  His wife has also had a hospitality background and they have previously worked together.  I didn’t ask Panit his daughter’s name however we later discovered an interesting photo of a newly completed ‘home project’, a small dinghy named after his daughter with the name ‘Tara’ proudly displayed on the side.

However the dinghy was obviously just a prototype of the real thing.  Panit is currently building a five metre boat so that he can enjoy even more one of his recreational passions – fishing.  This is a real ‘hands on’ project with the boat being crafted from plans and not far off completion.  He is looking forward to being able to enjoying time on the water with friends, but also with resort staff.  This has the potential to be ‘team building’ with a difference!

As for other ‘away from the office’ pursuits, a vacation preference is to go island hopping, diving and spending time on the beach with a cold beer.  Dining out includes as much variety as possible with Italian being one favourite.  However he did recommend the Youyen Balcony Restaurant in Hua Hin for a seafood dining experience.  He is also a

fan of SKAL INTERNATIONAL at the Hua Hin Hilton as way of networking with others in the hospitality and tourism industry.

In the future it seems more than likely that Panit will soon be taking on a new challenge.   After some nine years at Veranda, he is earmarked for a project of around two years launching a new resort at Jontien.  He is already giving the project architects some sound advice.  After that the plan is to return to Cha-Am, however this remains an uncertainty.

We take this opportunity to thank Panit for his welcoming and open style.  We hope that after his ‘sabbatical’ he returns to this community before too long.  Apart from any other reason, the fishing is much better here!