Phantila Phataraprasit Donates Copies of her Book “The Story Of Baitong & Boon” to the Children of Kiew Karn Village


Northern Thailand. : Georgetown University student Phantila Phataraprasit returned home to Thailand for the holidays and got right to work putting smiles on the faces of children in the remote hilltribe community of Kiew Karn village, in northern Thailand.

Phantila, daughter of Asian Oasis founder, Chananya Phataraparit began writing the children’s book when she was a 16 year old high school student in America, collaborating with Yeoh Siew Hoon, Editor and Founder of Web In Travel. The Story of Baitong and Boon tells the story of a special friendship between an elephant and a boy deep in the forests of northern Thailand.

Baitong and Boon become friends and learn to make music together. Until the boy, Boon, has to leave for school in the city. Baitong, heartbroken, wanders off in search of his human friend and ends up lost and captive in Bangkok. You’ll have to read the book to find out how a dog and music saved the day.

Proceeds from the sale of The Story of Baitong & Boon go towards the Himmapaan Foundation (Thailand) whose purpose is to encourage travellers and the travel industry to take part in activities to restore or improve the quality of life of local people, either through environmental and community work or educational projects.

Asian Oasis is coordinating the distribution of the book to children throughout Northern Thailand with the help of guests and team members from Lisu Lodge, Khum Lanna Lodge and Lanjia Lodge with a “Buy One-Give One” project.