Phuket governor finally admit to 25 Covid-19 cases – 519 under observation

Phuket's governor Phakaphong Tavipatana

Phuket’s Govenor Phakaphong Tavipatana has finally admitted to five cases of Covid-19 on the holiday island, three of them still active.

After weeks of denial regarding active coronavirus cases in Phuket, the governor finally came clean after being scrutinized with repeated questions from frustrated Phuket press gallery.

The governor admitted that there are three infected Danish tourists – a 48 year old father, 39 year old mother and their 7 year old child. He told the media that the Danish family had notified staff at their hotel. They were then transferred to a hospital for testing. The family tested positive for infection from the coronavirus.

The governor says Phuket health officials went through the process of tracking down and testing everyone the family had come into close contact with.

“Immigration officers, the airport taxi driver, a tuk-tuk driver and staffs at the hotel. All those people tested negative for the virus, but have been told to self-monitor their heath for the next 14 days.” He added.

The Phuket governor also finally admitted previous cases of people in Phuket with Covid-19 that had not been reported to the public, although their cases were tracked in the national Centres for Disease Control in Bangkok.

He also revealed that there had been a total of 519 patients under surveillance since the outbreak.

When asked by a reporter if one of the cases was at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket, the governor would neither confirm nor deny the report. He also took the opportunity to take a swipe at the Phuket media pack attacking them for publishing the information without awaiting a formal announcement from the Governor.

He also accused the local press for spreading rumours through social media.

Over the past two months Phuket officials have failed to confirm any active cases on the island despite a constant bombardment of questions and rumours from Phuket’s media community.

Governor Tavipatana assured the media yesterday that surveillance and preliminary screening is being stepped up at all land and air borders on the island. The idea of closing Sarisan Bridge, blocking traffic from the mainland into Phuket at the Tha Chat Chai checkpoint, had been discussed by the Provincial Communicable Diseases Committee but not implemented.

Yesterday Phuket’s main news sources widely reported the 5 cases of Covid-19 in Phuket. The news was reported by The Southern News, Phuket People’s Voice, Phuket Andaman News and Newshawk Phuket.

By: The Thaiger