Pig slaughter must take place in a licensed environment

Pig slaughter must take place in a licensed environment
Pig slaughter must take place in a licensed environment

The Department of Livestock Development insists that people can slaughter their own pigs for sale, but must do so at slaughterhouses that are legally licensed under the 2016 Meat Slaughter Control Act.

Animals must be treated in slaughterhouses only, therefore, it is illegal to slaughter pigs for sale at home, whether they are self-raised pigs or farm pigs. The Slaughter Control Act for Meat Sales B.E. 2559 (2016), is a law established to supervise the slaughterhouse for the safety of consumers.

However, slaughterhouses are places where meat is produced before being sold to consumers, so it is necessary to supervise and verify the source of live animals, cleanliness in the production process, and animal welfare.

And it is important to have a health examination of animals before slaughter, and meat after slaughter in order to prevent zoonosis. Meat that comes from unauthorised slaughterhouses is of unknown origin, has not been inspected, has not been tested for disease, and may have undergone unsanitary slaughter processes.

The risk is that unauthorised meat sold to consumers could be highly contaminated with pathogens which can be harmful, this can also be a major source of infectious disease outbreaks caused by residues such as catalysts, red meat, hormones, antibiotics, etc. Killing animals outside the slaughterhouse is an offence punishable by imprisonment of not more than 3 years, or a fine of not more than THB 200,000, or both. There is also a penalty for killing animals without notifying local officials, which has a fine of according to each pig, of not more than THB 20,000.

The provincial livestock authority is asking people to buy meat that comes from licensed slaughterhouses for the safety of consuming clean meat, and also promotes slaughterhouses that are licensed by law. You can notice the logo ºLivestock OK’, which is the logo that the Department of Livestock Development has certified meat shops that bring meat from a slaughterhouse that is permitted by law.