Pizza Casa Mia- Eat like an Italian! Slow and make sure to eat lot of good food!


Do you love pizza and pasta? If you do we have a great place to recommend to you.

Pizza Casa Mia is an institution in Hua Hin. They make more than 25 types of Pastas and there is enough choices of pizza for everyone to find something they love. On top of that they have many popular Italian appetisers, steaks, fish dishes, salads, reasonably priced wine and desserts.

The restaurant is located on Nongplub Road close to Big C and has indoor air-conditioned space as well as outdoor space if you so prefer. The restaurant is owned by the Hansson family that spent many years living in Italy and now they have settled in Hua Hin. They know their food, especially Italian. They also happen to own a furniture shop and have experience in IKEA as purchasers; so the décor is pleasing to the eye and very cozy just like an Italian restaurant should be.

This family together with their Executive Chef Pasquale Parisi enjoys the good things in life. They were going to teach us how to eat the Italian way; by eating a lot of good food over a long dinner. We were not prepared for the amount of food that was going to come our way. We started with the pizzas, sampling pizza capriciosa with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham and olives and then pizza campagnola with tomato, mozzarella, spicy sausage, bacon, bell peppers and olives.

I personally love pizza, because I just like anything with cheese. Once you add items such as bacon, mushrooms, ham it only gets better. Pizza Casa Mia has many years’ experience in making the dough, the main part where a pizza can go wrong or right. In this case their pizza base is really thin and crispy without being dry. Add on that items such as spicy sausages, mozzarella, bacon and you can’t go wrong. So I ate, and ate and I ate so much and at this point that I really should had stopped if I knew what more was coming … After all we were doing it the Italian way.

Next came the pastas and this are generous portions I am talking about; Spaghetti Amatriciana & Spaghetti alle Vongole. I had never heard of Amatriciana Pasta before but I found out this is a very popular dish in Italy. It is a slightly spicy tomato and bacon pasta dish that I really liked. Apparently, the sauce originates from the town of Amatrice in the Lazio region in Italy and is hugely popular. How I missed eating this before I do not know but if you are like me and like to experience new favorites you can now try in comfort at Pizza Casa Mia.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole I have had before but I really like the portions and taste, plus it has a liberal dose of clams in white wine sauce. Very refreshing; if you love seafood like I do, this is yum!

Last but least when we thought there is no way could eat more we were offered a tender steak literally covered in gorgonzola and mushroom sauce. This was lovely. I love Gorgonzola and I really wish I hadn’t gone crazy with the pizzas and pasta’s because this was also delicious. This will be an item I want to eat again soon although this time making sure I have more space in my tummy.

Overall we had a lovely evening eating dinner with the owner of Pizza Casa Mia’s Mr. Jan Hansson and in the care of Executive Chef Pasquale. Great food, great ambiance and a great time; and what else can you ask for! Grazie Pizza Casa Mia!

Pizza Casa Mia
Tel: 032 535 332