PM asks expats to spread the word about Thailand’s reopening


Thailand’s prime minister has reasserted the country’s readiness to reopen to foreign visitors, and thanked all parties for their efforts leading up to this point.

He also asked foreigners residing in Thailand to help spread the word about the country’s readiness.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha said there were many details about preparations and collaborations that need to be undertaken by the government sector, private sector and the general public in order for country reopening to be realized on November 1.

Among the measures that will be implemented include those aimed at creating confidence for foreigners looking to come to Thailand, and those aimed at reinforcing the readiness of Thailand in hosting the visitors.

The prime minister said the time that remains until reopening will be used to evaluate the lifting of restrictions imposed on various activities, which will only be made in adherence to public health considerations.

Gen. Prayut said people in many countries want to travel to Thailand, and careful considerations will be made about the criteria to be used for the visitors.

He added that criteria adjustments will also be made to account for the global Covid situation.

Gen. Prayut said these efforts mark a small start toward enabling people in many sectors of Thailand to return to their occupations and earn income, and that efforts to attract a higher number of foreign tourists to Thailand will be made with regard to the country’s capacity.

He added the entry measures that will be implemented would also be used to accommodate Thais returning to Thailand, and not just for foreign visitors.