PM calls for strict measures over concerns of COVID-19 spread


BANGKOK (NNT) – Thailand’s Prime Minister has expressed concern over the COVID-19 situation, in particular its spread via entertainment venues, and ordered strict measures to be imposed on bars, pubs and karaoke lounges, including 14 day closures if an infection is discovered.

Prime Minister’s Office spokesperson, Anucha Burapachaisri, said the PM has reiterated that strict measures are needed against COVID-19 at entertainment venues, explaining that, if an infection is found at any venue, it must be closed for two weeks and that, if multiple infections are found in the area, all of its venues must closed for the same period. If infections are found on a provincial scale, the local communicable disease committee is empowered to order a two-week shutdown of all relevant businesses. The premier has also asked that checks on venues be performed more frequently.

Eateries have been allowed to continue to operate normally, but are asked to observe stringent measures. They will also be subject to closures if an infection is linked to their premises.

Provincial governors have been given the authority to ask their local communicable disease body to order closures of restaurants, markets, food production facilities, entertainment venues and other institutes, if an urgent case is uncovered.