Prachaub Governor Serious about Traffic Problem


The governor of Prachuab Khirikhan, along with the deputy governor, has lately called for a meeting with a committee on traffic problem solution in Hua Hin, staff of the Hua Hin railway, traffic police, tourist police and the media to discuss about urgent plans to solve traffic problems in Hua Hin.

According to the Prachuab governor Mr. Weera Sriwattanatrakul, the meeting agenda focuses on traffic problems during rush hours, holidays and weekends as well as ‘footpath seizure’ by some street vendors or taxi drivers. These problems reportedly affect people in Hua Hin and tourists.

At present, many streets of Hua Hin are scattered by signboards, billboards, rubber cones and tree branches. The more the streets are obstructed, the worse the traffic in Hua Hin will become. To make things more complicated, some street vendors are taking footpaths as their own to do business. Also, some shops along the streets have roofs so long that, when it rains, the rainwater falls down from the roof, making pedestrians unable to walk on the footpath conveniently.

To solve all the problems, municipal officials were asked to monitor and prosecute those violating the law. In terms of parking cars or motorcycles at the footpath, a regulation of parking was imposed. Moreover, one more turning point for cars between Ban Hua Na and Minitel Hotel in front of the local office of electricity generating authority was approved because it can solve traffic problem effectively.

Mr. Weera added that all the programs to solve traffic problem proposed by public authorities should be monitored by the media who will help make announcement to the public.

In terms of a one-way route on Sra Song and Damnern Kasem Roads, Mr. Weera said he agreed with it, but representatives of Hua Hin Municipal Council and local community should acknowledge this plan. Moreover, before launching the plan, a public hearing should take place and stakeholders will be invited for further discussion.

Finally, the Prachuab governor would like Hua Hin municipal executives to think about how to deal with urban growth in the near future by formulating a city plan in the center and outskirt of Hua Hin.