Public health reminds people to dispose of the used mask properly


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment expects a soaring waste problem caused by mask wearers during the Covid-19 outbreak. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Jatuporn Athipat, said that people must strictly adhere to the anti-infection measures by using a face mask at all times, but this has created a monumental task of mask disposal, these masks are classified as infectious waste due to bodily secretions such as mucus and saliva and must be disposed of accordingly whether or not the wearer had suffered from the virus.

To correctly dispose of this type of waste it has to be sorted into a closed container, and collected in trash clearly labeled ‘infectious waste’, disposing of masks within general waste is strictly prohibited. It is vital not to create an environmental catastrophe in the natural environment which would have an enormous detrimental impact on nature, wildlife and people.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment asks for the cooperation of the people, that when disposing of masks, be sure to separate the mask waste properly by cutting, breaking, rolling or folding the side that touches the face inward and putting them into sealed bags and writing on the front of the bag, ‘Disposable face mask waste’.

This will enable responsible agencies such as local government organisations or public health agencies to properly collect and separate the used masks for destruction.