Ranks Cha-Am 1 of 29 Most Income Boosting City of Thailand


Within 2015, the government of Thailand is planning to boost income from tourism to as much as double million Baht. The Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, with cooperation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and private sectors, is currently selecting 29 most popular tourist attractions from the total of 100 places in Thailand to launch several tourism investment projects that aim to quickly attract tourists and induce income to the country.

At this initial stage, the projects will focus on landscape and physical development in all the selected places. Cha-Am beaches has also been selected as one of the 29 tourist attractions to enjoy budget provided by the government for the development. Lately, officers from the Department of Tourism have come to Cha-Am and already considered possibility of the projects proposed by the Cha-Am Municipality.

Followings are the proposed projects: urban renovation by putting all electrical wires underground physical modification of Cha-Am beaches and the lookout point development of wastewater management in Cha-Am fresh markets waste management electronic PR signboards to promote tourism in Cha-Am setting up Cha-Am tourist information centers road paving for the entrance of Khao Nang Panturat National Park providing mobile toilets to visitors installing CCTVs at all tourist spots in Cha- Am enhancing safety along the beach buying express rescue cars buying firefighting cars buying buoys to mark swimming areas providing ambulance service building more emergency warning towers on the beach giving more lights along the beach promoting capacity and participation of sellers on Cha-Am beaches in terms of keeping the beach clean and in order If all the above projects are approved by the government, they will help improve the overall city of Cha- Am very effectively.