Refreshed After a 2 hour Refresh Package @Spa at Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa


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The Hua Hin Today team was invited to try the new Refreshing Package at Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa.  Khun Aor, Hilton’s own marketing wonder girl personally welcomed us to the spa and suggested we try their new promotion package. To be honest we did not really have the time to do research on what treatment would be  beforehand, although we knew it be good whatever it was; we just didn’t know how good!

Khun Mui, one of our therapists served refreshing cool tea while we were gossiping with Khun Aor about the latest news in town. It is always nice to combine work and good company! Once my colleague and I managed to be dragged away we were brought into a treatment room beautifully decorated in Thai style with an additional outside treatment room and a sunken bath. The room is like the room of dreams.  I kept notes to make sure if I ever have my own house I want a terrace just like the one they have.

The first part of our treatment happened on the garden treatment room where two made up beds were waiting. Khun Mui applied herbal scrub to my whole body to remove all the dead skin. This took approximately 40 minutes after which a Vichy shower mixed with hot water started raining down to wash off the scrub. The water jets move up and down across the body just like a massage. It was amazing! All my stress just melted away and I felt relaxed even before reaching the final part of the treatment.  My skin was now smooth and glowing.

My colleague and I could hardly stand up from the bed and move to the room inside to start the second part of the therapy; refreshing massage with ginger oil. The oil they use is the most exceptional I have encountered in all the treatments I have had, there is no way to explain so just take my word for it. Any attempt to explain would just sound wrong.

Many places do oil massage but the way our therapist did it is rare, in a very good way. From the first minute while she was applying the ginger oil to my back she could sense with her hands where the pain and knots were located.  Smooth moves and the right pressure released me from the pain. After 2 hours a hot towel with an orange aroma on my eyes and the sound of a bell woke me up. My colleague mentioned that during her massage she was trying to think of work only to wake mumbling in a dreamy conversation, this is in our mind a good sign.

Excellent massage, rooms and service! If you would like to experience a five star treatment then go to the Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa and try the new luxurious refreshing package for 2 hours at their Spa @ 3000THB only.

Special for Hua Hin Today readers – a 30% discount applies to all treatments.

Hilton Spa

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