Restaurants in Phuket allowed to serve alcohol

Phuket sign at Patong beach , Phuket sandbox. File photo

Restaurants in Phuket will be allowed to serve alcohol from October 1, Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew has confirmed.

An order released by the governor stated that “food and beverage outlets” can serve alcohol until 10pm.

However, “entertainment places”, which implies bars and pubs, are to remain closed.

According to the Phuket News, Order No. 5896/2564 states:

“Food or beverage outlets to be consumed in the shop as usual with the sale and drinking of alcohol or alcoholic beverages in the shop no later than 10pm and can play music with a limit of no more than 5 musicians. The musicians must wear masks at all times. Singers can only take off their masks while singing or performing. No contact between singers, musicians and customers is prohibited. and follow the Covid Free Setting guidelines and guidelines as attached to this order.”

The order also states the reopening of other businesses, such as department stores, shopping centres, community malls, which can operate as normal, providing they comply with “Integrated Control Measures”.

Fresh markets, flea markets, walking streets can also operate providing they limit the number of visitors and have social distancing measures in place.

Governor Narong said allowing restaurants to serve alcohol was approved by the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Monday afternoon.