Romantic Dinner at the Shoreline Beach Club; Amari Hua Hin


Are you looking for a place to have a romantic dinner with your partner? Shoreline Beach Club is the place you need. Just near the ocean, a beautiful veranda with chill out music. I love this place; I loved it from the beginning. No noise from the City, not many people know about it yet and fantastic food.

Shoreline Beach Club has only the freshest seafood, meat and poultry barbequed to perfection. You can choose from having dishes served to your table or you can manage your own selection from the mini grill.

It was a rainy night and I was worried that it would be humid and unpleasant but it was 100% the opposite. The warm atmosphere of the place, the professional staff and the pleasant music made our night perfect. Khun Chanya the Public Relations and Communications Manager had just arrived back from a trip to South Korea and organised the night for us. Her plan A was a table near the closest to the ocean, but after the rain she changed to plan B and booked us a table inside, where I have to mention was also very comfortable. She welcomed us with a Fancy Margarita.

Everyone has tasted Margarita but this one is different because you create your own as you wish. The cocktail is prepared according to an authentic recipe but when it is served they bring you small glasses, lemon and three cups with sugar, salt and chili. Then the fancy part is that you have to roll the glass with the lemon and then put it on the salt cup.  Roll it as you like and according to your taste. If you haven’t tried a Margarita with chili before you can add some in the half glass as Khun Chanya did for me.  The spicy chili prepares your lips for the taste of the salty and sour Margarita as a real pleasure. I really enjoyed this as a starter to the night.

The chef K.Nattapol Pholyiam, who is a winner of the Iron Chef TV show, had prepared for us a grill selection of barbequed beef and shrimps, chicken, lamb, fish, squid and corn served together with a collection of dressings. Everything had the taste of perfection. Usually I don’t like to order grilled chicken because the serving is often very dry but this Chef knows exactly how to make the chicken really juicy. My favorite was the lamb, great meat from Australia!  My companion knows what he likes the most; beef which described to me a really tender!

After this fantastic dinner my curiosity lead to me checking out the menu.  With the quality of this great meal the prices surprised me in a pleasant way!  I also checked out the desserts list.  I always do this even if I don’t have enough room left. They have a wonderful selection of ice creams which I will taste next time for sure. Everything was perfect at this place.   I have now been there several times and every time I really enjoyed the experience, I recommend it! Go for it!