Royal Thai Army prepares temporary camps for Myanmar refugees

Vigil supporting Myanmar's democracy movement / Photo by Macau Photo Agency for Unsplash

More than 100 people thought to be dead since the military took power last month, the Royal Thai Army plans to set up temporary camps for Burmese nationals fleeing the neighbouring country to escape political violence.

Refugee camps will be set up in Ranong and Chumphon which border Myanmar’s southern-most region.

Most of the violence has been around 1,300 kilometres north in Yangon where the military regime recently imposed martial law in 2 towns.

The camp will be temporary, commander of the Thep Satri Task Force Santi Sakuntak told reporters.

He says the migrants will be sent back to Myanmar once the situation gets better.

The Thai-Myanmar land border stretches 2,400 kilometres.

It’s unclear why just 2 camps are being set up in the south rather than at the major border towns like Tak’s Mae Sot district.

The organisation’s director for refugee and migrant rights, Bill Frelick says Thai authorities should stop pushing back people who are fleeing Myanmar.

“The Thai government should immediately allow all asylum seekers to flee the violent crackdown in Myanmar access to desperately needed protection.”

Source: The Thaiger