San Paulo Hospital Turns Seventeen


Executives of the San Paulo Hospital recently organised an event to celebrate the 17th Anniversary of the hospital and to pay homage to the hospital’s founders. San Paulo is also preparing for internationalised management in preparation for the upcoming ASEAN Community.

According to the Director of the hospital Doctor Ekkalap Thongborisut, San Paulo has was founded 17 years ago on 25th June. On this anniversary Executives and staff of the hospital have organised festive activities to celebrate.  These including blood donations, to pay homage to Doctor U-dom Thongborisut and his brother Khun Phadung Thongborisut, the founders of the hospital.

Initially a small hospital, San Paulo has been continuously developing itself to become a big hospital in Hua Hin with 60 beds. Providing medical treatment for Thais and foreigners alike, the hospital is now a part of the Hua Hin’s municipal organisations as a public service provider. It is recognised by public offices at provincial, district and municipal levels as an organisation that helps local people through various charities and activities.  This includes taking care of senior citizens in Hua Hin by providing free medical treatment and operations for cataracts.

M.D. Ekkalap added that the hospital is being improved and developed by providing efficient medical treatment, specialised doctors and medical apparatus of a high standard. As Thailand will become an Asean Community Member soon, more foreigners will visit Thailand and receive medical services as well as local Thai people.

In terms of internationalisation, San Paulo will provide English language training to 160 staff for three months as English is becoming a crucial tool for communication with foreign patients. As well as being responsible for medical treatment, the hospital is also concerned with enhancing professionalism in public health for local people who work as hospital staff. In return the staff is encouraged to cooperate so that the hospital enjoys a positive image in the Hua Hin community, concluded Dr Ekkalap.