Described as being one of Thailand’s leading property developers and with over 237 projects throughout Thailand, Sansiri is widely regarded as the country’s leading developer of quality houses, townhouses and condominiums.

Srettha Thavisin is the President the Sansiri Public Company Limited which was established in 1984 to engage in real estate business. Sansiri became a Public Company Limited in 1995 and has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1996. As at 31 December 2012, the Company’s registered capital was 11,641,569,085.56 baht.

There are currently ten Condominium construstruction projects in Hua Hin or Cha-Am currently listed on the Sansiri website as follows:

Autumn, Hua Hin 1 seven storey, 1 four storey buildings 192 Units From 2.49 MB
Baan Kiang Fah, Hua Hin 1 twenty six story building 616 Units From 1.7 0 MB
Baan Koo Kiang, Hua Hin 13 four storey buildings 266 Units From 1.69 MB
Baan Peang Ploen, Hua Hin 3 eight story buildings 352 Units From: 1.55 MB
Baan San Kraam ,Hua Hin 12 four storey buildings 266 Units From: 3.59 MB
Baan San Ngam, Hua Hin 1 one storey, 10 four story buildings 293 Units From: 3.19 MB
Rain, Cha Am-Hua Hin 3 seven storey buildings 499 Units N/A
Summer, Hua Hin 1 seven storey building 150 Units From: 2.39MB
Teay Lom, Cha-Am 4 eight storey buildings 808 Units From: 1.15 MB
Koo Kiang, Hua Hin 2 eight storey buildings (number of Units not described) From: 1.69 MB

If it is assumed that the Koo Kiang Project contains about 400 Units; that makes a total of close to 4,000 Units either on the market or soon to be listed.

It’s very clear that Sansiri has a big stake and a confident approach to the future of the Region.