Sansiri support Thai sailor in TRANSPAC 2013


Under the colours of real-estate firm Sansiri, accomplished sailor Patinyakorn will compete in the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) 2013, the longest of the two oldest ocean races in the world, with yachts starting from Los Angeles on July 8 and hitting the finish line in Honolulu, some 2,250 nautical miles away (4,100km), after sailing across the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific.

Among the most challenging yacht races in the world, the Transpac will see Patinyakorn co-skipper “Sansiri” alongside Sydney-Hobart veteran and former winner and record-holder Michael Spies of Australia.

At 29, Patinyakorn has already achieved much in the sailing world, with recent successes in Asia’s leading regattas – the Phuket King’s Cup, Top of the Gulf and Samui.

“Sansiri’s aim is to construct a life not just a building, and having seen Patinyakorn become an inspiration to other Thais, especially youngsters, we wanted to support him to become Thailand’s first-ever skipper in a global ocean race,” said Ob-oom Chutrakul, social director of Sansiri. “By racing in the Transpac 2013, Patinyakorn is living his dream and making history for Thailand. We hope he can share his knowledge and experience, and encourage many other Thais to follow their dreams too.”

Skippering the 40-foot “Sansiri” in the Transpac against 59 boats and some of the best sailors in the world is a challenge Patinyakorn is relishing.

“I could only ever have dreamed of an opportunity like this when I first started sailing. I have worked very hard getting to the stage where I was competitive, and with Sansiri’s support I have now enjoyed success at a local level. To skipper a yacht in the Transpac is a lifelong wish come true and to be the first-ever Thai to do so makes me very proud,” he said.