Say Hello to the Shoes you will be Wearing all Summer

Luxurious and Shiny Shoes
Luxurious and Shiny Shoes

We love a good heel, but we are always excited when comfortable footwear gets a moment in the spotlight. So when we saw this new style trot down the S/S 14, we knew we were in for a good season. Lets Go on and introduce the hottest spring/ summer 2014 shoe trends. Like all the others, these trends also proved to be super diverse and multi-coloured, from time travelers to specific and extravagants styles.

Trend #1: Luxurious and Shiny Shoes This is the very trend we observe every seasons.

They are your best friends at weddings and summer parties by the pool to dance till the end of the night. The essence of this trend lies in the silver, golden shine and jewels of the texture the shoes. We could also see some more extended versions with iridescent tones and transparencies.

Trend #2: A Bit of Manly for the Total Charm One of the most incredible and absolutely effective shoe trends that is awesome, manly and inspiring mixes and accentuates a woman’s charm and allure. For some of them the cute feminine and girly details predominate. Hits were ties and bows made of very delicate and cool fabrics. On the other hand we have explicit masculine inspirations for such footwear options.

The material diversity used for this type of options includes variants from plastics to wood details. The colour palette is again diverse and catchy.

A Bit of Manly for the Total Charm
A Bit of Manly for the Total Charm

Trend #3: Pointed Toe MaryJane Another alternative observed was the pointy details, accentuating the cool look and making a real mini-revolution in the world of fashion, by staying chic and classy even on flats.

Trend #4: Waouh Wedges More summer inspired open variants, include cool and creative variants wedges for the most feminine and sweet silhouettes.

Trend #5: Stylish Sandals Cute and comfy sandals carry the most diverse ethnic origins from ancient Greek to wild and free styles.

Trend #6: Fantasy of Colours, Textures and Prints Finally, here comes the last shoe trend we would like to introduce. This is a combination of textures and prints with the classy silhouettes, introducing the most diverse and stunning shapes possible. From leather to velvet and knitted materials and from animal prints to floral designs, all can be found with these pieces. Continuing on animal prints, we can’t miss a touch of leopard prints, reptile skin hints are also in the list, presented with the green and blue tones. Colourful and printed shoes are eye-catching for the coming season, completely influenced by the World Cup taking place in Brazil and bringing one of the most pleasant and energising options.

Stylish Sandals
Stylish Sandals

The suggested colours include coral, oceanic blue, classic red, yellow, sweet pink, as well as patterned options like checks made of black and white, and dots of black and blue. Don’t wait any longer. Hit town and discover the most fashionable shoes of spring/summer 2014. Start at the night market for comfy and classics and the Cicada Market for the trendy ones. It’s high time to start a new shopping session and to obtain a few more killer pairs!