Shark Protection Completed at Hat Sai Noi


The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources officers and fishermen of Khao Tao have installed a float line and netting in the sea at Hat Sai Noi.

Mr. Bannarak Sermthong, Director of Marine and Coastal Resources Administration, and Colonel Anon Phetchkham, Head of Civil Affairs at Thanarat Camp and municipality staff with local fishermen used fishing boats, and jet skis to help convey the yellow float line along the beach 60 metres away from the shore. The mesh net is to protect the waters from sharks safeguard swimmers, but must not interfere with the habitat of the blue shark. Reports have indicated that foreign tourists who came to visit and also who check in at Hat Sai Noi and Khao Tao areas are still swimming in the area even with a warning sign “Do not swim in this area”. Resort staff in the area said that most foreigners are warned but they are not afraid of the warnings and say “In foreign countries sharks are just a part of nature for them”.