Shooting Guns into the sky is Illegal; Heavy Penalties are Available


During major festivals such as New Year, Songkran or wedding ceremonies or even for minor commemorations, some people like to shoot guns in the sky. People often mistakenly believe that shooting guns in the sky does not cause any harm when in fact gravity means that a bullet fired at the speed of 1,080 Kilometres per hour will fall at a speed equal to material weighing 5 kilograms dropped from a height of 5 metres and falling onto a person’s head may be fatal.

Therefore, shooting guns in the sky is an offence according to the Criminal Code and if this causes a person, animal or object to be injured or damaged, the wrongdoer can be convicted. This offence renders the offender liable to a penalty of imprisonment for up to 10 days or a fine of THB 500 or both imprisonment and fines.

In case of a gunshot causing death; the offender may be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and fined up to 200,000 THB. If the victim is badly injured (hospitalisation for more than 20 days), The offender shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding 3 years, a fine not exceeding 60,000 THB or both.