V Villas Hua Hin invited us to experienced  the finest creations from the sea and enjoy a six course dinner made to perfection by world renowned Michelin Two Star Chef Alexandre Couillon from France.

Walking to V Villas along a path from the Reception to the Restaurant makes you feel ready for relaxation with footlights helping you to find the way.  At the end of the pathway it seems like you are close by to the ocean but it is really the silent swimming pool Hua Hin Villas surrounded by tall palm trees. I had the luck to sit outside at a lonely table with romantic candles and flowers. It was not totally silent because behind you could hear water falling and light chill-out music. The green lights from the fishing boats were decorating the sea so beautifully. The whole atmosphere here brims with expectation and a desire to please.

Khuyn Pang, my waitress welcomed me with a cool glass of white wine, a basket of homemade bread, butter and a complimentary gift from the chef, natural sea salt. The first dish arrived!!!  ‘Oyster with bacon bouillon and squid’; you could smell the sea with this dish. The dressing from the ink of squid was amazing.

Second dish was ‘Langoustine, green peas, raspberry and minted yogurt’ . The langoustine was cooked perfectly and together with the green peas, the base of the dish was a great combination. The raspberry gave you a sweet and sour taste in every bite. The second glass of wine was a little bit stronger.

Third dish was ‘Cod, zucchini, goat milk and melon’. The plate was like a picture, the upper section of the fish had all the colours of the rainbow.  The fish was super moist and soft, it could easy melt in your mouth. The sweet zucchini and melon against the bitter and strong taste from the goat milk created a well balanced dish.  The goat milk was like foam, as it has to be.  I was trying to keep to small bites avoid finishing this plate but it wasn’t easy.  The chef had selected the 2011 Domaine Vacheron Sancerre, a French wine to compliment the dish; it was the best glass of wine I have had for a long time.

The next dish was the one I was waiting for from the beginning;  ‘Lobster with grilled asparagus, mussel and Salicornia’.  My words cannot describe this perfection.  This is how ambrosia must taste.  So perfect it made me feel guilty to taste it as a mere mortal. Salicornia has such a unique taste and a little bit salty which makes it perfectly suited to fish dishes. The grilled asparagus was wonderful.  Even if you taste them all together you could experience the difference between every ingredient.  Most importantly, the lobster keeps its own flavour. This dish is one of the chef’s signature dishes, now I know why!

Before the fifth dish, a glass of 2009 Chateau Cantemerle, Haut-Medoc from France arrived to prepare me for the change in taste from the fish to meat. This dish was ‘Saddle lamb, grilled cucumber and crab juice’.   The lamb was cooked rare and the taste of the cucumber was exceptional and different.  It wasn’t the usual flavour not a fresh, but a grilled taste. The dish had a touch of apple and lemon. With every bite I tried to combine all the flavours as they are meant to be experienced; such a beautiful dish.

Time for dessert! The name does not prepare you for how gorgeous is really is.  It was called ‘chocolate and maritime pine’. I was prepared for a simple chocolate taste but this is not the style of a Michelin Two Star Chef.  Oops!, I forgot the Champagne to cleanse my pallet before the desert. After Khun Pang served the dessert I was trying to see where the chocolate was hiding under the ice cream and dressing from grated nuts and biscuits. It was a very nice dessert.

Time to Meet Chef Alexandre Couillon

Alexandre Couillon is chef and owner of renowned La Marine restaurant in the small fishing village of L’Hermbaudiere, on Noirmoutier Island in the Vendée coast of France.  He has earned numerous distinctions for his unique talent with seafood.

He has been awarded the coveted “Hope Trophee”, recognising young chefs deemed to best represent the future of French gastronomy and in 2007 earned his first Michelin star. The following year, he was named the Grand Chef de Demain by respected critic Gault Millau. Finally he achieved his second Michelin star in 2013!

Chef Alexandre has also been called a superb ‘fish and seafood cook’ due to his excellent handling of the changing catch of the day with stylish and complex recipes. He is often mentioned because of his own restaurant, La Marine.  Here it is not considered necessary to ask for the menu, as everything he puts on the table is guaranteed to be delicious.

This is his first time in Hua Hin and he really like it and wants to return. However he likes cooking in his home country as this is where he finds his inspiration. He loves to cook fish and seafood. He admires many French chefs and he mentioned Michel Bras, a Michelin Three Star Chef. He loves all his dishes but those with lobster are his favorites.

We hope to see you again Chef Alexandre and we thank V Villas for giving us the chance to have such a special night in Hua Hin.


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