Smart Visa to Cover More Target Industries for Foreigners with High Potential

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The Cabinet has approved extending the “smart visa” scheme issued for foreigners with high potential and skills and startup entrepreneurs.

The number of target industries will be expanded from 13 to 18. The 18 industries include 1) automotive industry, 2) electronics Industry, 3) affluent tourism industry, 4) agriculture, food, and biotechnology industry, 5) automation and robotics industry, 6) transportation and logistics industry, 7) petrochemical and chemical industry, 8) digital industry, 9) medical industry, 10) national defense industry, 11) industries that facilitate the Circular Economy directly and significantly e.g. fuel production from waste, water resources management, etc., 12) aviation and aerospace industry, 13) human resource development in science and technology, 14) environmental management and renewable energy, 15) technology innovation and startup ecosystem management, 16) targeted technology development, 17) international business center, and 18) alternative dispute resolution.

Those who are granted the smart visa will receive several privileges. For instance, no work permit will be required for working in Thailand. Ninety-day reporting to the Immigration Bureau at the One-Stop Service Center will be extended to one year. No re-entry permit is required. The spouse and children are also granted permission to stay in Thailand for the same duration as the smart visa holder.

The improvement in the smart visa issuance will attract more high-skill professionals and investors, who are expected to accelerate the development of Thailand’s target industries, in response to the Government’s 4.0 policy.

Moreover, it will also contribute to the transfer of technology to personnel in the Thai public and private sectors.