The Biological Solution

The Prachuab Khirikhan Governor, the Hia Hin Municipality, Department of Irrigation and MRO Asia Co. Ltd. has recently monitored progress in solving wastewater problems at Ban Khao Tao’s reservoir. This project is a Royal initiative of His Majesty the King for the development and improvement of local communities.

The Governor Mr. Weera Sriwattanatrakul, commented that the Khao Tao reservoir was built 30 years ago under His Majesty’s project that aims to ensure water resources for local communities. The reservoir is currently suffering from wastewater nearby released from nearby townhouses.  To make things worse, some local people are farming fish there despite the critical condition of the water in the reservoir.

A solution which is in an environmentally friendly has been trialled using EM Balls, a biodegradable substance in the form of a ball and liquid. The EM Balls transform wastewater into alkaline and in a liquid form, when sprayed on the water surface, makes wastewater clear and reduces bad smell. This kind of natural and biological way to treat wastewater is effective because it leaves nothing toxic or chemically dangerous in the water after the treatment.

“The wastewater treatment at Ban Khao Tao’s reservoir was proved more environmentally friendly and cheaper than using foreign modern technology,” said Mr. Weera. “As the Governor of Prachuab Khirikhan with responsibility for sub-districts and district areas in the Province, I would like to encourage using the EM Balls to solve wastewater problems.

The advisor of MRO Asia Mrs. Somlak Pongdit said that the EM Balls was produced by Thai people . Initiated 10 years ago by Gen. Pichet Wisaijon, the EM Balls have been exported to over 150 countries worldwide.

In the form of a ball costing only 15 Baht each, the “effective micro-organism“ (EM) balls comprise of mud mixed with micro-organisms that have regenerative qualities.  In liquid form this costs costing 90 Baht a litre.  The liquid has undergone a fermentation process of the ingredients until it becomes brown. Both can be used in private and public areas and are becoming famous in Thailand as the country is now concerned with tackling environmental problems with biological and biodegradable substances. The EM Balls are another example of a sustainable solution because of they are environmentally friendly, low cost and provide effective results.