Strict Measures for Masseurs & Hawkers on Hua Hin Beach


The Executive Board of the Hua Hin Municipality will apply strict measures for masseurs and hawkers working and selling things on Hua Hin beach as some problems have been experienced by vacationers.

On 4 April 2013, the Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul and the Municipal Executive Board had a meeting with 390 masseurs and hawkers on Hua Hin beach. The major aim of the meeting was to inform them about a new municipal policy to improve relationships with Thai and foreign beachgoers.  Some problems had been reported because masseurs and hawkers have been pestering tourists to buy things or use their services.

According to the Deputy Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Montree Chuphu, all masseurs and hawkers were informed about the regulations to control their business on the beach. All of them also received a T-shirt, a name tag and a license to show to the public. The T-shirt of masseurs is pink and for hawkers purple.

In terms of regulations, hawkers and masseurs have to show their customers their name tag or the license if requested. They should use polite words and dress properly. No pestering is allowed. Violation against the regulations will result in an immediate penalty.

Mr. Montree said that the authorities would control the number of hawkers and masseurs which will not exceed 390 because of limited space on the beach. Doing so will create good demand and supply for both customers and service providers.

“Now, we can guarantee strict measures on the beach for masseurs and hawkers. Those who come from another area will not be allowed to work on the Hua Hin beach. Those who are already working there should observe regulations as no exception will be made for anyone who breaks the rules,” said Mr. Montree.

Finally Mr. Montree added that beauticians on the beach were allowed to work there. However if they wish to go to work in a bar or restaurant on the beach they should ask for the owner’s permission at all times.