Survey suggests people mostly in favour of alcohol ban in restaurants

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A survey by the Department of Health has found that 56.8 percent of Thais oppose the government’s ease of measures to allow restaurants in 17 “blue zone” provinces to serve alcoholic drinks to customers.
The Anamai Poll, commissioned by the Department of Health, was conducted on 2,823 people from November 1 to 14, following the latest round of Covid relaxation aimed at promoting tourism and helping businesses survive during the pandemic.
86.6 percent of those who disagree reasoned that alcohol consumption could contribute to the new round of outbreak, while 56.3 percent viewed that COVID-19 preventive measures imposed in restaurants cannot contain the transmission. And 53.8 percent said they have no confidence that the venues will strictly adhere to disease control measures.
In addition, 70.7 percent of respondents said the business owners should have government-certified safety standards, such as the Thai Stop Covid Plus, Covid Free Setting, and SHA.
Alcoholic drinks are allowed only in the four provinces’ blue zones and tourist-oriented areas including Bangkok.