People from one particular country seem to have fallen in love with Thailand to a greater extent than other nations – the Swedes. Up to 5 % of the population is visiting Thailand each year.

Quite a few want to spend much more time in Thailand. Thailand has been growing as the place where Swedes buy a second home and Hua Hin has developed into a favorite place for this home!

Today the Swedish contingent is the largest expat group in Hua Hin.  Over several years the Swedish people have become increasingly well organised.  The Swedish Association of Hua Hin (Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin) was founded in 2008 by the Present Chairman Gert Andersson, together with Lars Olof Fagerström and Margareta Olsson.

The Association has as its purpose to promote exchange between Swedish and Thai culture and to promote the development of social relationships between Swedes in Hua Hin and Thai society. The Association is politically and religiously neutral and independent.

During the high season, the Association usually has meetings on the last Thursday in each month. At the meetings, with 150-200 members are present each time.  Those attending receive valuable information about legislation, health care, insurances and many other topics concerning their stay in Thailand.

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