Thai consumers snap up crocodile meat as pork prices soar

A vendor selling bbq crocodile in Bangkok. File photo.

Thai consumers are turning to crocodile meat as an alternative to pork and chicken in response to soaring prices.

A crocodile farm in Nakhon Pathom took to social media to offer crocodile meat starting at 70 baht per kilogram for purchases of 30 kilos or more, while smaller quantities are available from 105 baht per kilo.

The post went viral garnering more than 5,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

People commenting said they were interested to try the meat, particularly as the price of pork has soared to as much as 200 baht per kilogram in recent weeks.

Perhaps somewhat predictably when describing the taste of an exotic meet, the farm, along with other people commenting said crocodile meat tastes similar to chicken.

The farm owner said crocodile meat is rich in protein, lean and very healthy.

The price of pork has risen sharply in recent weeks forcing some vendors to leave it off their menus.

The knock on effect has also seen the price of chicken rise.

Locally, officials from the provincial commerce office has brought in measures to counter rising prices.