Thai Dinner by the Oceanside



The Putahracsa Hotel has an unbeatable location in the centre of town.  It is tranquil and beautifully designed in a modern cozy style. Oceanside is the signature restaurant located not even a stone’s throw from the beach. The restaurant has a beautifully decorated dining area and a chill out area where you can almost touch the water.

Needless to say my boss and I were very happy to be invited to try the food there.  Oceanside restaurant specialises in Thai seafood and a beach BBQ and drinks to share with loved ones. This is the perfect location to have a romantic dinner with the waves lapping, sea breeze, cozy lights and fabulous food. Our dinner wasn’t romantic per se, as I was with my boss.  If I had given her smooch and cuddle I might have been in more trouble than I usually am, but if I did find myself in the mood to eat well.  If you want a beautiful setting, I definitely recommend Oceanside.

So what did we eat in this gorgeous place? The great marketing & Management people at Putahracsa arranged for us to sample a variety of dishes but we started with the bread and the “butter”. Why mention it all? Putahracsa has always had experienced pastry chefs and you definitely notice the difference. I definitely noticed it as I ate my bread, my boss’s bread and I would eaten more if I have been given the chance. I am not really sure what was in the butter but I suspect it involved garlic and something else. What a great way to start the dinner.

The first course was fresh tuna “tataki” served with Thai pomelo salad and chili oil. The tataki and pomelo was just perfect. Definitely a highlight, if you are going to order just one thing this generous dish should be it. I cleverly moved the plate closer to me so I wouldn’t have to share too much 😉 The Tuna was served together with a Crab and Avocado Salad which was fresh and crisp, it utterly melted in the mouth. I was tempted to move that closer to me as well though I showed some constraint.

The main dish was soft crab with black pepper served with mushrooms and as much rice as we could eat. Soft Shell Crab is always good but the cook excelled making it fresh and not greasy as it sometimes can be.  We also had a curry named Kashmir that was unlike anything I have tasted before, with tiger prawn, pineapple and banana it was sweet and thick. The curry served with the slightly more spicy soft shell made for a perfect combination.

We were going to have dessert but I couldn’t have eaten a morsel more. Next time I am coming to raid the dessert menu of Putahracsa, be warned.

Verdict: great food, beautiful place to chill and the place to bring a loved one.

Oceanside Restaurant

Tel: 032 531-470