ice sculpture



Tromsø, Norway’s Snow Festival 2014


One of the fearsome giants of a Thai myth, and a popular character from the kingdom’s ancient Khon masked dances, took his place among other great characters in much a colder land than old Siam.  Despite being crafted from snow and sitting in freezing temperatures, the giant sculpture kept his Thai smile and impressed visitors to the Tromsø International Snow Festival, recently held in Norway.

The giant’s creators were three renowned Thai ice sculptors who made up one of five teams of 14 professional sculptors from nations including Norway, Russia, Germany and Italy. These teams were all invited to exhibit their work in the lovely square near the Nestranda in Tromsø to mark the inaugural Tromsø International Snow Festival 2014.

Among those who saw the displays, there was little doubt that the five masterpieces set a standard which will be challenging to beat in the years to come. The four-day snow festival was organised by the Thai Tromsø Forening in conjunction with the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Stockholm Office, Thai Airways International’s Stockholm Office and The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

Mrs. Nalinee Pananon, Director of TAT Stockholm Office said, “We’re supporting this festival as a way of showing off some evocative elements of Thai culture to other nations. This is a part of our Thainess meets the world tourism activities. “The elaborate snow sculpture – a three-metre high head of the mystical Thai giant or Yak was expertly carved by our team of three professional ice sculptors.”