Thai Government Prepares to Recruit Thais to Address Labor Shortage


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Thai government aims to promote employment for Thais in industries facing labor shortages and is preparing to recruit Thais to fill more than 400,000 jobs left vacant by migrant workers due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin said on Saturday that several industries are in need of laborers, as migrant workers have been prohibited from returning to Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Imports of migrant workers were suspended in March last year when the pandemic worsened, resulting in labor shortages, and employing Thai workers was one way of dealing with the problem.

He said that Thais aged up to 35 with high school level or lower education should be considered. Thai laborers will get salaries based on their educational level, as well as overtime and other welfare schemes.

Mr. Suchart said there is strong demand for both Thai and migrant workers in several industries, including apparel, canned food and electronics. The Department of Employment (DoE) will survey employment demands among business operators who want to hire Thais as substitutes for migrant workers. So far, 112,759 Thais have registered for jobs with the department.