Thai government says no need to panic buy


BANGKOK (NNT) – During the last few days, it has become obvious that some shelves in convenient stores are now empty due to a rising demand for food and commodities.

The Department of Internal Trade meanwhile, has announced that all retail companies still have plenty of products in stock, adding that members of the public have no need to hoard supplies.

The Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade said the Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the last week, had raised the public’s concerns about running out of commodities. Shelves in many stores have since become depleted due to the higher demand.

According to the talks between the department and malls, the top commodities seeing high demand are meat, eggs, and instant noodles. The director-general also assured the public that the stores claimed to have plenty of the products and will now move to refill shelves faster than usual.

Meanwhile, deliveries from manufacturers are still going ahead without any issues.

So the Department of Internal Trade has told people there is no need to stock up, and not to worry about commodities being out of stock.

Meanwhile, if any member of the public ever finds a shop that is raising prices higher than usual, please dial 1569 to report the unfair trading activity.