Thai govt issues reminder on fines imposed for traffic violations

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The Thai government has issued a reminder of some of the fines imposed on motorists for traffic violations.

The full list of the 155 traffic fines range from 200 to 1,000 baht in accordance to Thailand’s Road Traffic Act B.E. 2522.

On May 31, an official Facebook page of Thai government shared a reminder of some of the updated fines for road traffic fines.

A guide to traffic fines in Thailand

In 2020, the Thai government announced a raft of new traffic fines aimed at improving safety on Thailand’s roads.

However, critics say the fines and further penalties for road traffic offences in Thailand are too low to act as any kind of deterrent.

For example, speeding or driving without a license are subject to fines of just 500 baht and 200 baht respectively, which is perhaps hard to fathom given Thailand’s appalling road safety record, where thousands of accidents and deaths annually are caused by speeding drivers.

The flip side to this is that some of the heaviest fines the police are able to enforce are for vehicles emitting excessive noise and fumes and to taxi drivers failing to take passengers by the quickest route to a destination, or failing to take them all the way – all of which are subject to 1,000 baht fines.

According to the World Health Organisation, Thailand ranks eight in the world highest number of road deaths per capita.

Estimates put the number of people killed on Thailand’s roads each year between 24,000 and 26,000 or around 60 deaths per day.

In 2020, the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), described road accidents as the country’s “biggest health crisis”.

Motorcyclists account for nearly 80 percent of all deaths on Thailand’s roads.