Thai govt lifts ban on self sterilising LG wireless earbuds


The Thai government has lifted a ban on three models of LG wireless earbuds.

The earbuds had been banned since November 2020 due to safety concerns.

The earbuds contain LG’s UV Nano technology, which uses ultraviolet light to sterilise the earbuds while being charged in the case.

LG says its UV Nano technology eliminates 99.99% percent of harmful germs in just a few minutes.

However, regulators from Thailand’s Committee on the Safety of Goods and Services had banned the use of the earbuds amid fears the UVC exposure could be harmful to people using them.

Following the ban, LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. carried out further testing and were able to prove the earbuds are not harmful.

The earbuds in question are the LG TONE-FP8W and LG TONE-FP8, LG HBS-FN7.