Thai govt PR department invites foreigners to share their opinions about Thailand

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The PR department of the Thai government has launched an online questionnaire in order to gauge foreigner’s opinions on a number of different topics.

The questionnaire, titled, Foreigners’ Awareness, Confidence in Important Government Policies, and Perceived Image of Thailand aims to “evaluate the effectiveness of public relations campaign operated by Thailand’s Government Public Relations Department and related governmental agencies.”

“The campaign aims to create awareness and build confidence in important Thai government policies among foreigners in Thailand, as well as generate positive image of Thailand as a country”, reads the introduction to the questionnaire.

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The PR department says the questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and that all responses are confidential.

The questionnaire was shared on the PR Thai Government Facebook page on Tuesday (Aug 2).

The questionnaire asks foreigners to share how they receive information from the PR department, such via its radio station, TV channel or social media accounts.

It also asks whether users feel the information shared from the PR department is accurate, prompt or up to date.

Foreigners are also asked if they think Thailand’s public health can be developed to a world class level.

Part 4 of the questionnaire asks if foreigners think Thailand has a developed economy, has a good standard of living and a good welfare system.

Foreigners are also asked if they think Thai people are trustworthy and hardworking.

Foreigners wanting to complete the questionnaire can do so here