Thai Immigration warns overstay tourists will go to jail or pay fine

Foreign tourists have until Friday to extend their tourist visa or pay fine or go to jail.

Tourists have until Friday to extend their visas or they will pay fine and/or could get arrested. The current visa amnesty ends on Sept 26 and any prolong grace period is unlikely, says the immigration bureau.

Those who overstayed will face arrest, pay a daily fine and be deported back to their home countries.

Immigration officials estimated there are more than 150,000 foreign nationals who need to have their tourist visas extended. The bureau deputy spokesperson Pakpong Sai-ubol told the Bangkok Post that people without a valid visa after Sept 26 could face jail term and fine under the Immigration Act.

The Immigration also said that they can simply track down overstayed tourists from their addresses recorded in the database. “They will be arrested, face legal action, a probable deportation and may be blacklisted from re-entering Thailand in the future,” the bureau reinstated.

Sources: Bangkok Post | Immigration Bureau |The Thaiger