Thai Law for Foreigners

Thai Law for Foreigners
Thai Law for Foreigners

The laws in Thailand may be significantly different from the home countries of many foreign residents. Thai Law For Foreigners is based on common questions put to the Chief Lawyer of one of the most experienced legal firms in Hua Hin. Of course each set of circumstances will differ and a qualified lawyer should always be consulted when legal issues arise. Divorce by Mutual Agreement A husband and wife were legally married and registered their marriage with the Official Registrar in Bangkok under Thai Law.

After moving to Hua Hin they could not get on with their lives together anymore and agreed to divorce. They came to ACTA Law Firm Co Ltd asking for legal advice on how to divorce legally under Thai Law and also if they had to return to Bangkok to divorce at the same District Office where they registered their Marriage. In this Case as both of them had agreed to divorce, they could go to the same District Office where they registered their marriage or any other District Office to register their divorce.

The following documents are required for a mutually agreed Divorce:

1 ID Card / Passport
2 Marriage Certificate
3 Divorce by Consent Agreement
4 Two Witnesses

Divorce by Consent Agreement, as stated in Item 3, is a written agreement of both the husband and the wife regarding their common assets / common liabilities / child parental power and child maintenance. Normally this type of Agreement is available as a blank form to be completed by both parties with the advice of the Registrar, if required, but in some cases the couple agree to have complicated details included, they need to have a Lawyer draft the form in a the correct format to ensure it is effective and will avoid any problems in the future.

The Divorce will be finalised as soon as the Divorce Certificate has the Divorce by Consent Agreement attached to it and is registered with the Registrar. The Divorce by Consent Agreement will be VOID unless the divorce is registered with the Registrar.

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