Thailand Driving License: Tough new tests from 1st June 2014

Thailand Driving License: Tough new tests from 1st June 2014
Thailand Driving License: Tough new tests from 1st June 2014


The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has announced the start of a strict new testing and examination process for obtaining a driving license in Thailand. The new, more stringent tests will be effective nationwide from 1st June 2014 and are in response to urgent calls for Thailand to improve its appalling road safety record.

The key points to the new driving tests will see an increase in the number of training hours for learner drivers from 4 hours to 12 hours or more under the new proposals. New drivers will also have to get to grips with a more thorough and comprehensive driving curriculum that will include 4 hours and intense lectures, as well as a written examination on driving theory consisting of 50 questions.

In order to pass the written examination, drivers will need to obtain a score of at least 90% or answer 45 questions out the 50 correctly. This is compared to the current driving examination test that includes 30 questions, with a passing grade of 75%. The new tests will be mandatory for all new drivers in Thailand. Any driver who wishes to renew their 5 year Thai driving license will also need to attend a one hour ‘refresher’ lecture in order to bring them up to speed with the new curriculum. Drivers who are applying for a 5 year license for the first time will not need to take this class.

The Department of Land Transport believes that the new test will bring driving in Thailand to that of international driving standards, making drivers pay more attention when driving and therefore reducing the number of accidents on Thailand’s roads. A spokesperson for the DLT also went on to confirm that it plans to expand the number of driver training centres nationwide in order to accommodate the increase in training and studying time and that the DLT is actively seeking new trainers to help teach the revised driving curriculum.