Thailand ranked among the best countries in the world to retire

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Thailand has been ranked among the best countries in the world to retire, according to a new survey.

The country ranked 6th place out of 142 countries in a survey carried out by the online comparison website

The survey used data from Google Keyword Planner to analyse search data in each country looking at common search terms associated with retiring to another country, such as ‘retirement in [country]’, ‘retire in [country]’ and ‘retire to [country]’.

The survey, titled Where the world wants to retire, found that Thailand was the most searched destination for a total of 9 countries.

Thailand’s ranking put it ahead of the likes of Spain (7th), a perennial favourite retirement destination for Brits and Europeans, and also ahead of ASEAN rival the Philippines (10th).

Overall, France came out on top with 20 countries searching about retiring there more than anywhere else, while Canada, Argentina, Portugal and Australia made up the top 5.

Of France, said: “France is the most popular choice for those looking to retire abroad, with 20 other countries hoping to settle here after reaching retirement age”.

“It has a big expat population, and with so many retirees having made a successful move it’s bound to have inspired those approaching retirement to consider the country as a place to settle in their later years.

This post was republished with permission from ASEAN NOW