Thailand reopening’s Thailand pass

Thailand reopening’s Thailand pass
Thailand reopening’s Thailand pass

There have been many controversial stories about the Thailand pass, sadly most are true. The good news, they have fixed most of the glitches, however, if you give a Hotmail address, you won’t get a reply, so no Thailand pass, this is what happened to me personally, a few weeks ago. Let’s go step-by-step through the process. Click the link for the Thailand Pass Registration System (for air travel only) and proceed as per the information required.


1. Use google Chrome as browser when clicking the link, others may be functional but this worked for me. Read thoroughly the information on the site and follow step-by-step.

2. Do not use a Hotmail / Outlook or live address! Gmail works or a company email.

3. Do not upload PDF docs, but jpg, jpeg or png as stated on the link. If you do not know how to convert your files into jpg, jpeg or png from a PDF document – use PowerPoint. Copy the PDF page, paste on a blank PPT page and resize, save as image.

4. Vaccine certificate(s) must contain the QR codes for both vaccines, date and location of the inoculations, manufacturer and batch number, signature and professional status of the authorized officer and the official stamp of the issuing center, they must be uploaded separately for each of the two vaccines.

Upload the vaccine document and you can add the QR code for faster results. Zoom into the QR code, copy & paste in PPT and save as jpg, jpeg or png and upload – make sure your documents are uploaded (the upload appears under the ‘drag & drop files here’ box – grey frame with a blue tick box.

5. Upload your hotel booking / reservation confirmation and chose one of the three possibilities: Test & Go (SHA+ accommodation), Sandbox or Alternative quarantine.

6. Upload your insurance certificate or confirmation letter from the insurance (not the policy) covering a minimum of USD 50,000 and it should state the amount and that the insurance covers COVID-19 expenses. (Insurance must cover and be paid for the length of your visa).

7. Follow the remaining instruction and send – you should receive an email confirmation return within a few minutes stating: Your application is being reviewed by government officials along with an access code for tracking your registration status. You are advised to note it down or capture the screen for future reference. You will also receive the code via email. To track your registration status, you will need to visit and the following information:
• The access code
• Your passport number
• The registered email address

8. Some people have received the Thailand Pass within hours, others within 2-3 working days, they do mention within 7-working days. So, make sure you fill-up your documents in advance giving you ample time until your flight departure and RT-PCR COVID test (within 72 hours before departure). In other words, don’t fill your Thailand Pass application the day before departure, fill it up at least 7 days before, to be sure.

9. Once your Thailand pass has been approved, you will receive an email with a Thailand Pass approval (your full name + QR Code + arrival date + Thailand Pass ID). Print it as you will need to hand it over to the officials in one of the Thailand airports

10. I suggest you print as well your Hotel Booking, RT-PCR test results and a copy of your insurance certificate or confirmation letter.

11. Make sure the validity of your passport is not less than 6-months when entering the Kingdom.

12. I filled-up the T8 form as requested on the Thailand re-entry information given on the Thai Embassy website in my country, but it was never asked when I reentered Thailand.

13. After 6-days back in Thailand, if you did the Test & Go formula, you are requested to take an ATK test (DIY) and send it back to the hotel you stayed.


Can I change my flight after getting the Thailand Pass QR code? Yes, but only if the new flight time is within 72 hours of the original flight time registered with Thailand Pass. Your QR code remains valid, i.e., you will not need to apply for a new ‘Thailand Pass QR Code’, provided that all other required documents also remain valid such as your RT-PCR COVID test taken within 72 hours before the flight and the hotel reservation from the AQ or SHA+ Hotel. Can I submit a single application for the whole family or group traveling with me? No, unless you are traveling with your children as per the following conditions:

• If your travel scheme is “Test and Go”, children aged under 12 years can be added into the parent’s registration under the section. Under this scheme, anyone else aged 12 years or over in your family or group must submit individual registration.

• If your travel scheme is the ‘Sandbox Program’, children aged under 18 years can be added to the parent’s registration. Under this program, anyone else aged 18 years or over in your family or group must submit individual registration.

Note: Children between 12 years and 18 years old who received one dose of vaccination are considered fully vaccinated therefore they may qualify for both No Quarantine and Sandbox Programs. Can I submit multiple documents for the Hotel and Insurance? Unfortunately, the current system only allows applicants to submit a one-page document (maximum two pages collated into a one-page document). It is recommended that you submit a one-page hotel confirmation letter and a one-page insurance certificate.

• To the best of my knowledge, AXA or ACS Insurance Thailand offers the best COVID-19 travel insurance that produces a 1-page certificate of insurance. The 1-page Certificate of Insurance that you will receive from either of them will have complete details that Thai authorities will need to issue the Thailand Pass.

• Approved hotels usually produce a 1-page confirmation letter of confirmed booking including your RT-PCR test upon arrival. You must book the package offered by these hotels. Again, that 1-page Letter of Confirmation from the Hotel will have complete details that the Thai authorities will need to issue the Thailand Pass. For more FAQ’s, please visit: I hope this will help and avoid any frustrations. Bon Voyage!