Thailand tipped to be removed from UK’s ‘red list’

Air travellers queue at border passport control entrance gates at Heathrow Airport. File photo.

There is renewed hope for British expats that travel restrictions between Thailand and the UK could be eased later this week.

On Thursday, the British government is set to update its green, amber and red travel lists.

Countries on the red list, which includes Thailand, are expected to shift to less restrictive amber or green rules following a drop in Covid rates, reports the i.

This should hopefully mean that people travelling to the UK from Thailand will not be required to undergo mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine, which currently costs approximately £2,000 per person.

Meanwhile, the UK could also be about to scrap its green, amber and red traffic light system on travel restrictions altogether, according to a key spokesperson for the travel industry.

Paul Charles, chief executive of the PC Agency tweeted: “The traffic light system is expected to be scrapped by 1 October – at last. Airlines and some of us in the sector are aware of plans to create a simpler system, where countries are either red or not. This would be the US model in effect, which I’ve been calling for.”

A new system based on the vaccination status of travellers could be under consideration instead.

On Monday (Sept 13), Thailand reported its lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in seven weeks.

It was also announced on Monday that 40 million people in Thailand have now received a COVID-19 vaccination.

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