Thailand to allocate Sinopharm vaccines to selected organizations

Sinopharm vaccine. Image: Xinhua

(Xinhua) — Thailand’s Chulabhorn Royal Academy will allocate an initial batch of the Sinopharm vaccines to prioritized organizations, the academy’s Secretary General Nithi Mahanonda said on Monday.

Nithi confirmed that the Chulabhorn Royal Academy has planned to allocate this batch of COVID-19 vaccines, which arrived in Thailand on Sunday, to medical, educational and charity organizations ahead of others, which have already booked it.

He further said that other organizations such as the Federation of Thai Industries, which had requested for the vaccines, would have to wait for the second batch.

He assured that those organizations and companies would be provided Sinopharm vaccines in near future.

As many as 17,070 organizations and companies had registered to obtain the Sinopharm vaccine to inoculate more than 4.87 million employees in Thailand.

The vaccines were considered as an alternative to the mass inoculation program launched by the government on June 7, which has been proceeded so far mainly with China’s Sinovac vaccines and locally-manufactured AstraZeneca vaccines.