Thailand’s population surpasses 66 million

An aerial view of Bangkok. File photo

Thailand’s official population surpassed 66 million people in 2022, with Bangkok being the most populated at over 5 million residents.

According to the Ministry of Interior, out of 66.09 million people in Thailand, 65.1 million are Thai citizens and about 984,000 are non-Thai nationals. This information was published by the Center Registration Bureau.

Of the total Thai population, 33.3 million are female while 31.7 million are male. Among non-Thais, about 515,600 are male and 468,000 are female.

The capital Bangkok remains the most populous area, with nearly 5.5 million registered residents.

This census information is typically used by several organizations to formulate plans and implement policies.

One notable application of this information is the planning of the general poll. The latest population figure could lead to changes in the number of MP seats available.

As many as 43 provinces, including Bangkok, could potentially have 1-3 more MP seats in the upcoming general election, though the decision ultimately rests with the Election Commission.